Ishawna’s Dad Blames Producers For “Equal Right” Firestorm

Ishawna‘s dad, Don Angelo, is weighing in on the “Equal Rights” firestorm and he is placing the blame squarely at the feet of the producers.

While she has been getting a lot of support from some dancehall fans, Ishawna has been getting an equal amount of bashing for the raunchy single. Angelo, who is also a reggae artist, says the producers are the ones calling the shots and the artists are just doing what they are told, so in this case the producer of the song is to be blamed.

“Record producers are the ones who are calling the shots,” said Don Angelo. “When Shawna [Ishawna] went back to Jamaica and took up music full-time, she recorded some good songs that sounded sweet like Beyonce, but nobody paid her any attention. Is not until she started singing songs like Equal Rights that she started getting any ratings. A lot of time is the producers who control what song are released. If anything is the producers who have to take the blame. Anything to make their label stay on top they will do.”

Angelo added that similar songs have been in dancehall for years and nobody said anything when other artists like Lady Saw, Ce’Cile, Gage and others did similar songs. The singer also said that he fully supports Ishawna one hundred percent whichever direction she chooses to take her career.