Bounty Killer Diss Alkaline & Vybz Kartel For Freaky Songs

Bounty Killer was cross angry and miserable last night while performing at BFF in Portland.

A lot of the Warlord’s anger is as a result of Ishawna performing her smash hit “Equal Right” moments before he took the stage. A seemingly upset Bounty Killer let the audience know that he is not just picking on Ishawna because when other artists like Alkaline, Vybz Kartel, and Gage recorded similar themed songs he hit out against them also.

“Me slaughter Kartel to sing about freaky gal, when Gage come and sing about down in a throat me murder that, and when dirty Alkaline come and talk about batty wash me done them too,” Bounty Killer said before launching into one of his more gangsta anthems “No Cream To Mi Face.” Bounty Killer also took a little timeout to blast Ishawna telling the large crowd that she is “freakying up dancehall.” Vybz Kartel has in the past recorded and released songs about getting head. The incarcerated deejay even has a song titled “Freaky Gyal” for which he released a part two and three for. Alkaline is famous for that “batty wash” line in his hit single “F**k You.”