Masicka and Corey Todd Threatens Aidonia As Tension Rises

Tension between Masicka and Aidonia camp is at a all-time high right now with the Genahsyde deejay and his manager Corey Todd sending a direct threat to the 4thGenna leader.

Last week Masicka released a gritty new diss track “Squeeze” aimed at Aidonia which added more fuel to the fire between the two sides known for hardcore gangster dancehall music. Aidonia also released an unconfirmed diss track “Krazay” which was produced by his own in house producer.

Earlier this week, Masicka and Corey Todd fired off a strong warning to Aidonia signalling that this beef is getting physical. The threats came after someone in the 4thGenna camp assault a sound system selector for playing the Masicka diss song. “Dont mek me hear you sing no more gun man song ya freak @aidonia4thgenna Selector strength yo have. Diss genahsyde,” Masicka wrote on the Gram, while Corey Todd added “Uno got strength for selector @aidonia4thgenna @lalojop me a beg uno try that with me please me a beg u.”

The incident in question took place last weekend at a popular event in Kingston where DJ Rolex was playing some of Masicka’s music. Aidonia crew was inside the venue and didn’t like what was going on and roughed up the disc jockey.

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