Alkaline Fans Riot After UK Concert Canceled One Injury

Alkaline fans in the UK are demanding that the artist perform following a canceled show at the O2 Academy in Brixton.

The Vendetta deejay was inside the venue when a large crowd gathered outside to see him perform. Another video clip shows some folks bursting through security before making their way inside. One person was injured in the melee forcing organizers to cancel the show citing public safety. We’re told that the concert was sold out and some fans were waiting outside for hours to get inside. Police were called in to help calm things down, but no arrest was made.

Some fans were clearly angry at the promoters for over selling the concert, while other says it was poorly organized. “Some of you promoters are so bloody greedy The Alkaline concert was so poorly executed They blatantly over sold tickets,” one fan tweeted, while another added “Alkaline is the biggest thing in dancehall right now, this was bound to happen. About u wanna have 2 likkle piece of security in Brixton uno.”

One fan uploaded a video on Twitter show a car flipped on the side by some fans who were protesting the cancellation of the concert.