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Text From Kendrick Lamar Mom About DAMN Went Viral

A single text from Kendrick Lamar mother about his good his new album DAMN is went viral.

Not every rapper’s parents are fans of their music but K-Dot’s mom, Paula Oliver, understands the art and is a huge fan of the Compton rapper and so does his dad. Kendrick Lamar shares a screenshot of a text message that his mom sent to him basically congratulating him on dropping his best project yet, DAMN.

This is what she she wrote with a lot of emojis, “OMG. This cd is bombbbbb! You should of put me and your daddy on this one too… This is your best one yet to me, no bulls**t. Your daddy said u looked stressed out on the cover lol I said n***a that’s the point, we always stressing him out. Since a Lil boy you always been a over thinker though. Your fans are some diehards. I love them.”

Kendrick Lamar then responded saying “You going emoji brazy. Who taught you ? Lol.” I think most of K-Dot’s fans would agree with his mom’s assessment of the new album.

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