Gage – Adultery Lyrics

My life did alright
Everything did alright
Everything did nice
And I did feel alright
My life did alright
But from shi walk in a mi life
Bombocl*** no choice

(Verse 1)
You good pu**y speak fi it self
Whine you fi whine up you self
A you mi waan, nuh waan nobody else
Take mi loving and take all mi wealth
Look how mi never waan nobody
Look how mi settle down and good
And out fi married
Look how mi tell you seh mi own you like a daddy
And after that wi coming like a Shorty plus Addi
Look how mi tell you tek the Benz and low the caddy
If man did catch you probably dem find you body
Look how mi sleep a you yard and wake in a the morning
Man wi vex and mi slice you, mi not even sorry

You good pu**y speak fi it self
Left you man and come run weh wid me
Mi lovin you, lovin you everyday
Mi gyal pon the side meck mi hear when you build

(Verse 2)
A never si a pervert a mi
A f**k mi gyal and a imagine seh a she
Mi nuh do this normally
But shi have me a way
F**ked up mentally
Got to say Mommy got me a way
I got to say Mommy freaky up the scale
Sorry shi married and shi nuh married to me
Pu**y a mi hobby and mi dweet everyday
How Mommy is a dirty
A man tek her never seen a gyal better
And mi a tell you seh shi cleaver, shi judge up
Skin out the pu**y fi mi buss up the whole a it
A bertta, Claat mi gyal

(Repeat Chorus)