Alkaline, Sean Paul – Gyalis Pro Lyrics

Hey yow, Frass a could a wa this?
Alkaline, Sean Paul dem a gyalis
A the baddest
Nough girl deh paw wi list

Cross dem off like a ?
Just like domino
Drop dem all in a row dem fi know
Seh man a pro
Man a gyalis dem fi know

Because seed haffi sow
Youth haffi grow
Whole heap a hot gyal wi get out a road
Man a pro, man a gyalis dem fi know

(Verse 1)
Mi goodly f**k it already and you nuh know
How some man seh dem a gyalis and a nuh so
Wi got the image the baddest, wi got the doe
Hafe you baby mother lock down a sweat and a blow
Just left a show wid a catty mi just a know
Seh shi ready fi anything weh mi seh fi do
When mi do give her the work never know wa fi do
Everybody get pu**y but everybody nuh pro

Anytime when wi touch street
A gyal must cheat
Gi her sweet wood in the first week
Shi did a ready from the first speech
Lui V paw foot her friend a tell her seh a nough teeth
Shi give it up in a the front seat
Tell mi all shi waan from me is just a son and then shi complete
Mi meck shi know shi haffi compete
Bag a gyal a run down mi tek a pass and you done seet

(Pre Chorus)
The girl dem love we
Yow mi don’t even know weh mi do
Nuh matter wa gwaan shi naw leave
Wa you expect mi fi do?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
9:30 mi go check Angela
Mi give her the passion
And mi give her the fire
Never waan leave but mi did haffi tek Sintia
Because mi promise her fi give her the power
Whole heap a woman weh mi stamina know
And mi naw drop off
Kimone, Suzette and all Dana
Dem a war fi the don

(Repeat Chorus)