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Mr. Vegas Responds To Backlash From Vybz Kartel Fans Insist They Are Idiots

Mr. Vegas has responded to the backlash from Vybz Kartel fans and is insisting that they are a bunch of idiots.

During his interview with Anthony Miller last week, the “Bruk It Down” deejay says that Vybz Kartel is living in hell and when he got the usual backlash from Gazanation fans, he told them that they are fools. Now MV chooses to address the controversy in one of his usual vlogs. “More time some people act like they want to use their little intimidation and think they can frighten everybody and everybody must just shut up and they alone must speak,” the deejay said. “A lot of you are some internet bad people.”

Mr. Vegas also explained what he meant by Vybz Kartel living in hell. “I said somebody might be making a joke about Vybz Kartel becoming a Christian but it might manifest into reality,” he said. “Because I have seen on Anthony Miller show where Vybz Kartel said he was going to hell and Jeffrey already put the a/c in there. “Jeffrey cannot put any a/c into the hell that any wicked is going to be cast in on the day of judgement. So any hell that Jeffrey is going to put the a/c in must be one of those prisons in Jamaica.”