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XXXTentacion To Drake “Stop Stealing My Jamaican Culture”

XXXTentacion is still going off on Drake on social media and in his latest rant, he confirmed one thing that he is Jamaican.

Since leaving jail last week Friday, the Florida rapper has been going off on Drake and even disrespecting the Toronto rapper’s mother on Twitter. Their beef stemmed from Drake allegedly stealing his flow “Look At Me” flow for his More Life single “KMT” featuring London rapper Giggs. On his last two albums, Drake taps heavily into dancehall and that has been working for him because he is currently the biggest selling rapper on the planet.

“Tell this pu*** ni*** Drake stop speaking patois,” XXXTentacion said. “You are not Jamaican and am a real fu***** Jamaican am from fu**** Kingston, all of my family are from Kingston, so stop stealing my people’s culture. Get the f*** up off our d**k because we don’t claim you.” X also issued a challenge to Drake to record a whole album or even three songs that don’t sound like anybody else he will walk through the streets naked.

Drake fans and members of his OVO crew have been pushing back on XXXTentacion saying that he is just seeking some attention and Drake is not giving it to him. Drizzy even said in one of his recent interviews that he didn’t even know who XXXTentacion was while he was recording the song. Some of the 6 God’s fans are even claiming that the “Look At Me” rapper is the one stealing other people’s flow because Lil Uzi Vert been sounding like that for a while now and even Drake himself been sounding like that since around 2010. So the verdict is still out on who started using the flow first and some of us are even wondering does it even matter who first started it. This seems like a never ending feud and so far it’s mostly one sided.