Alkaline Threatens With Lawsuit Over Song Artwork

Alkaline new song “Nice & Easy” is creating waves in dancehall but the artwork for the single may earn him some legal troubles.

The raunchy artwork features a female striking a provocative pose on a bed. Turns out the photo belong to a photographer Jason Bassett who is Jamaican born. The model in the photo name is Nerissa Nefeteri and she is from Miami. Bassett says that he has made contact with Alkaline team to get the proper licensing done but he has been getting some push back so he may take legal action.

“Someone STOLE my work,” he wrote on Instagram. “I can’t speak on specifics but I am currently dealing with serious intellectual property theft. And thankfully I’m equipped to deal with it and I have the right people in place.”

Bassett says that he and model Nefeteri have been harrassed by Alkaline’s fans on social media since going public with his case. “I myself and the model have been harassed by their fans as if we should be grateful for this theft, even without being credited,” he added. “This is not acceptable.”