Watch Rihanna Riveting Shower Scene In Bates Motel [Video]

Rihanna Twitter tongue waging all night last night and it’s all due to her riveting shower scene in A&E’s hit TV show Bates Motel.

Fans have been waiting anxiously for this scene in the series because, in the original Psycho classic, her character Marion Crane was murdered in the shower. But last night didn’t mirror what happened in the classic and in case you haven’t seen it yet, this story contains some spoiler. Rihanna, aka Marion Crane, is still very much dead. Turns out Norman Bates was watching her through the peephole.

The Bajan beauty was taking a shower while the sound effects were getting tenser and it appears something or someone was outside the shower, but when she pulled away the curtain it was nothing. She simply said “screw this sh*t” and exited the shower and there were no vicious stabbing, unlike in the original.

Later on, Rihanna found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her so she smashed up his car, takes off with some stolen cash and only to get stabbed to death. Seems the writers flipped the script a bit to give Rihanna more run time in the series more than likely because she is good for ratings. In last week episode, she partakes in a sex scene after stealing $400,000 from her boss.