Fetty Wap Not Cooperating With Cops Suspect Could Walk Free

Fetty Wap is not snitching and the suspect in his robbery shooting who is currently behind bars likely to walk free.

The Remy Boy rapper was robbed of his infamous 1738 chain worth a reported $450,000. Some cash was also taken from the rapper during the robbery and two men were shot and injured in the Sunday morning incident in Patterson, New Jersey. A longtime rival of Fetty Wap name Raheem Thomas was arrested by cops and charged with gun possession.

Turns out that Fetty Wap is not planning to file any charges against the robbery suspect and is perhaps letting the streets deal with the issue. TMZ reported that Fetty sees it as a gang feud and want the street to handle his beef with Thomas, aka Fuzz. It’s unclear if cops made contact with the “Trap Queen” rapper or if he will issue a statement on the issue.

Raheem Thomas was seen on Instagram on Sunday flashing Fetty Wap’s chain but it’s unclear if he was the one who did the snatching. Cops has him on video surveillance brandishing a gun in the fight.