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Watch Vybz Kartel New Video “Portmore City to Uptown”

Vybz Kartel pulling out all the ladies from “Portmore City to Uptown” which is the title of his new single and accompanied music video.

Like all of his visuals these days, Vybz Kartel himself is not in the clip due to his incarceration for the last six and a half years. But in this clip his presence wasn’t needed due to the share number of banging females cast in the party clip.

“Ni**as a pressure mi girlfriend / True mi deh in a the general pen / Addi yo see Gary true yo deh a jail him a look me / Mi need a girl weh been to high school / Pretty dunce get bounce the thug no like fool,” Vybz Kartel deejay.

Vybz Kartel is having the best month since his incarceration back in 2011. His music is being played on the airwaves a lot and a judge gave his legal team the green light to move forward with his appeal. The dancehall star has high hopes of getting his murder conviction overturned in the Jamaica Appeal Court.