Konshens On Delus Death “I Don’t Owe Nobody No Explanation”

Konshens is barely opening up about the untimely death of his brother Delus and no one can blame him.

The “Bruk Off Yuh Back” deejay lost his elder brother, who was also a dancehall artist, to suicide last year. Konshens has never really addressed his death, but in a short interview with OnStage last weekend he let his feelings be clear. “2016 was a bitter sweet year for me with whole heap of high points and actually the lowest point in my life ever, so right now we are celebrating but we can’t even celebrate,” the deejay said.

When asked about the bitter point of his life last year Konshens said he has no message for anyone regarding that. “I don’t have any message and I don’t feel like I owe anybody any message because it’s my beating and I am just taking it,” he said.

You can’t blame Konshens for not wanting to speak on the issue since he received some criticisms from some dancehall fans last year who blamed him for his brother’s death and accused him of not being a supportive brother who was more successful. Konshens drop the remix for “Bruk Off Yuh Back” with Chris Brown on Tuesday. The dancehall hitmaker is looking to continue his success this year despite dealing with the painful death of Delus.