Alkaline Copied Vybz Kartel To The T Says Former Manager

Alkaline copied Vybz Kartel image down to the T says the Vendetta deejay’s former manager Dwayne Cahban.

In a very revealing interview with the Star, Cahban opened up about discovering Alkaline from his high school days at Ardenne High and his struggles to rise to dancehall superstardom. Cahban also made some shocking allegations about the “Champion Boy” deejay studying his rival Vybz Kartel in an effort to out do him.

While this revelation may not come as a shock to some sections of dancehall, this is the first time someone from inside Alkaline’s circle is spilling the tea. “The aim was to outdo Vybz Kartel,” Cahban said. “He (Alkaline) won’t say it, which is good business practice, but it’s a fact. He was so hell-bent on outdoing Vybz Kartel that he literally knows the lyrics to every song. He watched every single interview and befriend every associate he could salvage information out of about Kartel’s lifestyle and how he got things done.”

Cahban also said that the fake eyeball tattoo and some other shock-valie techniques like his infamous “batty wash” line, were all part of the grand scheme to push the artist career. Alkaline has been accused of copying Vybz Kartel’s style for almost his entire career. Last year, Kartel’s wife Shorty publicly stated that Alkaline is a big fan of the incarcerated deejay and it turns out that she was right on point.

Alkaline and Vybz Kartel are two of the biggest stars in dancehall over the last two years. Last year the two deejay’s dominated the airwaves.

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  1. “Studying someone to outdo them”
    Good one.