Foxy Brown Says Remy Ma Is A Coward After Dropping Diss Track

Nicki Minaj didn’t respond to Remy Ma diss tracks but Foxy Brown did and the rap veteran is calling Papoose wife a coward.

In a recent statement, Foxy Brown says that she doesn’t even do rap battles, she does body bags. But seems she had a change of heart and drop a diss track in response to “shETHER” and “Another One.” Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, is pretty much ignoring the beef with Remy Ma and she has been getting mixed response from the hip hop community with some fans urging her to respond while others are saying she is bigger than that.

Sources inside Foxy Brown circle told Urban Islandz that the rapper thinks that Remy Ma is a coward for going after Nicki Minaj and the is afraid to engage in a lyrical feud with her. “Remy is afraid of a lyrical war with Foxy that’s an age old fact so it’s surprising now that she is trying to gain something from going after Nicki,” sources told us.

“The takeover, the fake’s over. Got your little shot, okay? Thank Mona. I heard your little rhymes,” Foxy raps over Jay Z’s “Takeover” in a snippet posted on social media.


  1. Foxy Brown needs to take several seats, and keep her ass quiet and look after her baby…this ain’t got nothing to do with her. She looking for her 15 mins…