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Beenie Man Says Alkaline Disrespected Police Officers

Beenie Man has weighed in on Alkaline‘s recent legal troubles with law enforcement saying that he thinks the Vendetta deejay disrespected police officers.

Speaking with Winford Williams on OnStage, Beenie Man opened up about a number of topics including his recent performance on Jamrock Cruise and his ending of a feud with the Marley brothers. When asked about Alkaline getting detained for five days, the Doc had this to say.

“I think the police feel disrespected because they told him to come in Monday and him didn’t come in and extended it until Tuesday, then Wednesday he was suppose to turn in at 5 o’clock and him went Thursday,” the dancehall legend said. “So I think he actually went there when the police was actually looking for him now. I feel the police they have that as a disrespect. If the government come on TV and tell you to turn in yourself because them need to ask you a few questions, and you turn in the day when you feel like then I feel the government would have that as a disrespect.”

Alkaline was held over the weekend and was only released on the Monday when his attorney went to court to have a judge release his client from police custody. Beenie and Alkaline had a little spat in January when the Doc told the audience at one of his performance that the Vendetta deejay refuses to perform in Jamaica. Alka shot back saying the dancehall legend was lying, but in more explicit terms.