Watch Bobby Shmurda Spit Fire To Meek Mill From Behind Bars

Bobby Shmurda is two years into his 7-year prison sentence but he is proving that he still got it.

In a phone call to Meek Mill from prison, the New York rapper spit straight fire in an impromptu freestyle captured on video and posted on social media. Shmurda also revealed that he has been writing music in prison and getting big, likely meaning he has been working out. What else there is to do in prison.

“I’m getting big, man,” he said. “I’m writing everyday. I got some shi*t, man.” Bobby Shmurda has had a mountain of legal troubles and was sentenced to seven years in prison in October after copping a plea deal. A deal that he later says he regret signing. He is also facing an additional two years on his sentence after taking another plea deal in relation to a contraband case involving his girlfriend, who was also charged for allegedly smuggling a metal object in jail to give to the rapper. He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and several weapons and drugs charges.

On some lighter note, watch Bobby Shmurda freestyle from behind bars so that his pal Meek Mill can hear what he has been writing.