Don Q feat. Jadakiss & Styles P – Take Me Alive Lyrics

What’s your process now, like what’s the motivation now?
Like before, you know the motivation was like your man….and you know
God bless the day man, you pop
You just know I can’t go back
When I started this s**t, I was just doing this s**t for my hood, for real
Not realized I could take over the whole world doing this s**t, you know

(Verse 1 – Don Q)
Yeah, uh
I promised to never take me alive
Only jealousy is making me strive
I was made to survive
Popping pills starting chasing my high
Blowing dove for my ni**a cause he’s facing the dime
Yo ni**a living like he’s do or die
He doing time and never finished junior high
They put him through that dirty system you can lose your mind
Move aside, cause he only carry
Now who am I
Just a ni**a that was on the corner selling, with wanted felons
It was all a lesson, now I use my thoughts as weapons
And I got tired of seeing my mama like she flown to heavens
So I flew out to Florida and I bought a section
Street ni**as we just living like there’s not tomorrow
Thirty pills, we stole from, ho thought we’ll go this far
I was saving crack money for the Moon J’s
Now spending house money on the new J
You big…thinking Bruce Wayne