Meek Mill Earns A W For Rescuing Cat With Head Stuck In Can [VIDEO]

Meek Mill earned his second W since the start of the year by rescuing a cat whose head was stuck in a can.

The first win the Philly rapper received was at the Super Bowl when he let a cancer fighting fan rocked his expensive jewelries. There are also unconfirmed reports that he gave her his Rolex watch. In this new video surfaced online on Wednesday, Meek Mill stopped his car to render assistance to a cat whose life was in danger after getting his head stuck inside a can.

“He about to die,” Meek said. It appears he then asked his friend to assist in freeing the struggling can who objected. Eventually, someone other than Meek freed the cat while the rapper cheered on and film the entire incident. A lot of fans have been commenting on the video giving the MMG rapper a W for this one. Some fans are even saying that Meek Mill is growing soft since Nicki Minaj dumped him back in December.

Meek mill is currently readying his new DC4.5 album due any day now. The Dreamchaser emcee has been teasing the project since last year. Do you think Meek deserves a W for this one.