Rihanna Gets Happy Birthday Shout Out From Her Favorite Site And Twitter Went Crazy

Rihanna is celebrating her 29th birthday today (Feb 20, 2017) and she is getting some special happy birthday shout outs from PornHub.

The notorious site used their Twitter page to wish Rihanna a happy birthday this morning and immediately sent social media wild. This isn’t the first interaction on Twitter between the “Work” singer and the site. Back in 2012 they both tweeted each other in an hilarious exchanged that almost looked like an endorsement.

“I love @Rihanna so much. Thought you should all know,” PH tweeted while Rihanna responded saying “if u only knew how much @Rihanna looove u!!! #brazilians #latinos.”

Seems Pornnhub never forget that exchange after several years they hit up the birthday girl with a clever tweet. “#HappyBirthdayRihanna We’ve updated your favorite Brazilian category for you! Love you Kween,” PH tweeted.