Ninjaman Talks Alkaline Arrest Say Dancehall Artists Unfairly Target By Police

Ninjaman wants police officers to stop targeting dancehall artists.

In another one of his video rants posted on social media over the weekend, the dancehall legend chided Alkaline for getting caught up in any form of criminal activities. But at the heart of his contention is what he calls the police force unfairly targeting dancehall artists over the years when real criminals are running freely.

“No more deejays don’t have no right to be charged for any form of murder,” Ninjaman said. “I also have a problem with those artists getting involved in crime and violence. Because first thing you don’t have any rights to be in this something.”

Ninjaman also listed out a long list of previously dancehall artists including himself, Super Cat, and Josey Wales who got caught up in crime during their careers. Ninja himself is dealing with some legal troubles of his own with a pending murder case. He is currently free on bail while he awaits the start of his murder trial which also involves his son.

Vybz Kartel is another big name dancehall artists who got caught up in some serious legal troubles. He is currently serving a life sentenced for a murder charge but is appealing the 2014 conviction. Perhaps this is Ninjaman’s way of telling younger dancehall acts to steer clear of any form of criminal activities. Do you think cops are unfairly targeting dancehall artists?