21 Savage Forces 22 To Change His Name To Young 22

22 Savage catch a lot of heat for what some hip hop fans calls a 21 Savage knockoff and now he changes his name to Young 22.

The Baton Rouge rapper broke the news on Twitter that he has officially changed his moniker. “Changed my name to Young 22,” he said. The rapper also previously used the name Mighty Mike, so perhaps now this will put an end to all of this Savage name confusions.

Both 21 and 22 Savages got into a heated social media beef in December with the Atlanta rapper appealing to the Louisiana emcee to stop copying him, especially since he is now a recognized name in the industry. “How the hell are you going to beef with a ni**a you want to be like,” the “Sneakin” emcee said.

Some fans thinks that 22 Savage just did it to troll 21 and it worked, at least for a while but then there was no more buzz from it. At one point the two rappers beef got so heated that 50 Cent wanted to put on a boxing match similar to Chris Brown and Soulja Boy for them to settle their differences. The winner of that fight would get to keep the “Savage” name.

I doubt the whole dispute over the Savage moniker is over since there is another rapper calling himself 23 Savage. End the foolery already.

Seems 21 Savage has won this battle.