21 Savage and 22 Savage Beefing: Who Is The Real Copy Cat ?

21 Savage and 22 Savage are beefing and its all being played out on social media. But who is the real copy cat?

The Atlanta rapper posts several videos on IG over the weekend calling out the Baton Rouge emcee for copying him. This is not the first running by the two Savages, but sources are saying that 22 has been trolling 21 on social media for weeks now and things are reaching a boiling point. “How the hell are you going to beef with a ni**a you want to be like,” 21 Savage said.

In his response, 22 posted a photo of himself holding a rifle with the caption, “I got more followers & more shooters than the plug , we that pressure f*** ni**a ?? stfu & make sure Siri don’t give you directions down here fool.” Seems 21 Savage will not be going to Baton Rouge anytime soon. 21 is also beefing with Tyga over his infatuation with Kylie Jenner.


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  1. 21 Savage it’s time to get back to your girl Kylie Jenner because she hardly have any Tyga content on her webpage I think she needs some attention from you brother go and get her I am pulling for you she definitely need a real savage in her life 21 get the job done my brother!!!!!