T.I. Breaks Silence On Bodyguard Stabbing Incident

T.I. has broken his silence on a recent incident where one of his bodyguards was stabbed at a concert in Canada.

The Atlanta rapper has been touring Canada since last month and the trek will run for 19 days. Over the weekend he was performing in New Brunswick when one of his guards had to go to the hospital after getting stabbed in one of his legs, TMZ reported. Cops were called into the venue at around 1:20 AM where they were told that the victim is suffering from stab wounds to his calve.

The injured guard was on duty at a table that was selling T.I. merchandise. T.I. spoke with cops about the incident, but its still unclear if there were any arrest. The injured guard received medical attention at a local hospital and was later sent home for minor injuries.

In a message posted on his Instagram account, TIP says he was nowhere near the incident when it went down. “This is my first and last statement on this matter,” he wrote. “I was nowhere near any incident that took place at the venue nightclub in Moncton, New Brunswick.”