Vershon Denies Being A Deadbeat Dad In Custody War With Baby Mama

Vershon has stepped forward to address claims by his baby mama that he is a deadbeat dad.

The dancehall artist is locked in a bitter custody battle with the mother of his 1-year-old son, Kadian Maragh. Last week, Vershon visited his baby mama’s house and took his son after complaining that she has been withholding the toddler from him.

Maragh has since served the dancehall artist with court docs in what is gearing up to be a bitter custody battle. She says that tensions started brewing between the two when she went overseas for two months to work and left the child with Vershon and his mother. But according to the “Inna Real Life” deejay, he has rights to the toddler and is exercising his rights. He also denied being a deadbeat.

“How can a man weh nah mine him pickney go tek him weh from him careless madda,” he wrote on Instagram.