Kalado – So Bless Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I’ve been through the worst and a hoping to be where the best is
And swinging through the curves of life while
Coping to the message
Roll up and smoke on a joint
Build my hope on a point
That the leaf of life will take a turn
Where paper earn
No one know how I feel
Out in a hungry field
Leave my nights pain at the window
And my moaning at the suiciders

Am so bless, so bless
Am so belss, so bless

(Verse 2)
Ghetto youth when you live wid you parents or you a pay rent
Still homeless
But still you so belss
Tears wet mi like rain man fight alone
Walk till mi foot bleed fi the microphone
Having a car nice but nothing like a home
Grandma news to mi ears ring like a tone
Meck a dollar now is like mi haffi buy friend
My only cause is to buy dem food items
Need fi clear the bills before the month might end
Guess I made it before Grandma lose her

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
One shoes, one pants, one shirt
Now people haffi pay fi mi concert
Jah is my guide suh wi haffi put the man first
Prayers am doing is not for my self

(Repeat Chorus)