Soulja Boy Dissing 50 Cent & Chris Brown On New Song ‘Hit ‘Em’

“Hit ‘Em With the Draco.” Soulja Boy is dissing 50 Cent and Chris Brown on a new diss record signaling no interest in making peace.

Since the start of the year the SODMG rapper and Breezy have been engaged in a beef that’s mostly played out on social media. But now Soulja is pulling rap mogul 50 Cent into the mix in what seems like a cry for more attention or plain old school publicity stunt.

“50 Cent he know about me / Everybody know I’ma get to the cake / You on the block, I’ma hit you with the draco / You know that I put it in they face,” Soulja Boy raps before adding, “I’ma knock out Chris Brown / Lot of money on my neck / Riding round with a check.” The rapper also cloned 50 Cent over his sale of Vitamin water and for filing for bankruptcy.

Soulja also namedrops Mike Tyson on the track but the boxing legend was the first out the block with a diss track. This entire beef is starting to look like a gimmick and there are still no confirmation of their planned fight in the boxing ring. The last bit of information we have on that fight is that they are planning to make it happen in Dubai in March.

The good news is after their back-and-forth on social media, their beef is not turning violent like other major hip hop beefs. Both Breezy and the self-proclaim Draco have agreed to settle their differences in the boxing ring. There were some talks that Floyd Mayweather promotional company is the production of the fight but The Game’s manager Wack 100 stepped forward last week to shoot down those reports. Nevertheless, Mayweather has agreed to train Soulja Boy while Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown. Both sides claimed they will win the fight.