Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Heading To Dubai For More Money Off Fight

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy could be heading to Dubai to make more money off their upcoming boxing match. Having the fight across the pond could mean a lot more money from pay-per-view.

The official date for the fight is not yet announced by Mayweather Promotions but TMZ reported that a number of issues are preventing the fight from taking place on American soil. Both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy wants to beat each other to a pulp, their hatred for each other runs deep. Initially they want the fight to take place in Las Vegas, but all sorts of rules and regulations are making it near impossible, so they are looking to Dubai.

Both Breezy and the SODMG rapper would have to subject to a mandatory drug test for amateur boxing matches, something both sides know they will fail and possibly caused them more legal troubles.

The fight in Dubai would also added some additional benefits for both sides in the form of millions of dollars from pay-per-view. Floyd Mayweather is behind the promotion of the fight which is being touted as a charity boxing match, but money will still go into their pockets. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are both anxious for the fight to take place and even Mike Tyson has stepped in to train the R&B singer.