Beenie Man Urging Alkaline Should Perform In Jamaica This Year

Beenie Man is urging Alkaline to perform in Jamaica this year. The Doc and the Vendetta clan are at odds over a statement he made at a concert over the holidays.

The dancehall legend is not backing down even after facing backlash from Alkaline fans over his statement during a performance calling out the “Champion Boy” deejay for allegedly saying he will not perform for “dutty Jamaicans.” Alkaline has denied ever making the statement, but Beenie Man is holding firm and is insisting that he make an on-stage performance sooner than later.

“I am the king of dancehall and I am defending the music,” Beenie said. “If the people them are dancing and singing to your music then the people should be able to see you sing it live and that is my point of view. I don’t care if you want to vex if I say that you’re not singing for Jamaican people. After your not better than none of us.”

According to Beenie, he has no issues with Alkaline but he needs to remember that Jamaica is the core audience for dancehall and he should always perform on the island.