Beenie Man Claps Back At Alkaline “Instagram Badman Not My Style”

Beenie Man found a new arch enemy in dancehall in the form of Alkaline but whether this will translate into diss records only time will tell.

The self-proclaim youngest and the baddest deejay went on Instagram yesterday to blast the self-pro-claim king of the dancehall calling him a liar. The Doc told his fans during his performance at last weekend’s Galiday Bounce that Alkaline stated that he is not performing in Jamaican anymore.

Alkaline reaction on IG was swift and direct. “Big pu**y Beenie me know know how you so lie,” the “Champion Boy” deejay wrote before deleting the post. Beenie seems to be avoiding a social media showdown but did acknowledge on his Instagram page that he is happy to have gotten a response.

“Mi glad how di artiste hear me. A 2 years now di fans a support him music and cyaa see him. I only hope him do some show now fi spite me and please him fans,” the dancehall legend wrote.

“Unnu tek music fi game? #InstagramBadman ting anuh my style. Him a tek up Matterhorn style fi war pon Instagram?” Beenie continues.

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  1. Tag him hahahahahahaha