Chris Brown Claims He Never Dated Krista Santiago Laughs At Soulja Boy

Chris Brown is laughing at Soulja Boy for bring Krista Santiago into their beef because he is claiming that he never dated her.

Yesterday, the SODMG rapper posted a bunch of photos of himself and the model on his Instagram account claiming that he took Chris Brown’s girl. But Breezy people are calling his recent stunt BS because the singer never dated Santiago. “They never dated and was never in a relationship so all he is doing is making a food of himself with another industry groupie,” sources said.

In December Chris Brown and Santiago were spotted sitting side by side at a basketball match. The pair were again spotted at Love & Hip Hop’s Lyrica Anderson birthday party with Omarion. There were also some reports suggesting that Breezy bought her a Rolex and showered her with gifts for her birthday, but that report was never confirm by either party. Nevertheless, they were spotted on more than one occasions partying together at different clubs over the holidays. Perhaps that’s the reason why Soulja Boy is using her to get under Chris’ skin.

The Chris Brown and Soulja Boy boxing match date has yet to be announced but both stars have started training for the event promoted by Floyd Mayweather.

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  1. You are confusing the girls. Cidney Kristina is different from Krista Santiago. Its about the first. He’s actually dating Krista but not Kristina. The soulda boy pics are about Kristina.