Teflon – Teacha Shadow [New Music]

Teflon dropped new track which was said to be a various artist diss. But fans from the Vendetta camp are saying that we all can hear clearly who these shots are firing at. Do you think Teflon stand a chance against Alkaline in a lyrical battle? Sound off below in the comment area and give you take on the ish…

Hey the pu**y deh cyaa fool the streets again
Si dem a live off a Teacher strength
Seh dem a go run the place man see it happen
Plus the billboard naw feature dem

Man a go tek weh the game, dweet again
Don’t surprise when you see it happen
A which key dem want? Naw see it again
Dem fi go back in a the creature yeng

Teflon – Teacha Shadow Lyrics

Listen full track below.