Paul McCartney Does The Mannequin Challenge To Rae Sremmurd “Black Beatles”

Paul McCartney perhaps has one of the best celebrity Mannequin Challenge so far and its all because he cosigned Rae Sremmurd‘s hit single “Black Beatles.”

The track is featured on the duo’ “SremmLife 2” album released back in August. The track was released as a single back in September because of the strong response from fans of the group, comprising of two brothers. The Will Made-It-produced single also has a guest spot from Gucci Mane. Seems Paul McCartney is a huge fan and played the track while he was doing the now viral Mannequin Challenge.

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Now almost everyone else is using “Black Beatles” as the go to track for background music for their Mannequin Challenges. The concept of the #MannequinChallenge is pretty straight forward, just tell everyone to stay still while a camera weave through and capture the moment and everyone is doing it including some big names like Hillary Clinton and her campaign team, Young Thug, Lebron James, 2 Chainz, and Destiny’s Child.

Sir Paul McCartney is one of only two living members of the legendary Beatles, one of the most iconic group’s in music history. He posted the video on his Twitter page and it immediately went viral. “So crazy the legend himself .the most love and respect to Paul McCartney fr this is so big just the utmost respect man,” Rae Sremmurd tweeted.