Will Drake Be Leaving Cash Money At The End OF The Year ?

There are talks that Drake could be leaving Cash Money at the end of the year after releasing his final album “More Life.”

In June 2009, the Canadian rapper signed a five album record deal with Lil Wayne‘s Young Money and by extension Cash Money headed by Birdman. “More Life” will mark Drake’s fifth studio album and will be the last album on the contract. Since last year there have been a lot of speculations on whether the 6 God will leave the label amidst controversy with Lil Wayne. Sources close to OVO are now telling us that there is a very real possibility that he will leave.

“After ‘More Life’ Drizzy will honor his contractual obligations to YMCMB and move on to do his own thing,” sources told us exclusively. “There are a lot of labels that want his signature and Baby even already offered him a huge deal but he hasn’t signed anything, at least not yet. There are a lot of talents inside OVO so most of the focus will be on building on that and possibly a distribution deal with a major label.”

Drake himself has not confirmed that he will either leave and stay at Cash Money/Young Money, but there are strong indications that he is on his way out. On his track “Now and Never” featured on his joint mixtape with Future, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake rap about leaving what appears to be Cash Money.

“It’s over, yeah it over, yeah I’m leaving, I’m gone / I’ve been doing this wrong, I’ve been here for too long / Yeah I’m leaving, I’m leaving, you know I got my reasons / Yeah I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m gone / I don’t wanna miss the boat, I don’t wanna sit in coach,” Drizzy raps.

Whether or not Drake will leave Cash Money after his final album in December, only time will tell. But right now he is the biggest selling rapper over the last two years and that gives him a lot of leverage in any negotiation for a new contract.

Things are already complicated between Cash Money and Young Money with Lil Wayne suing Birdman and the label for $51 million. Weezy is also claiming that Birdman is stiffing him out of profits from Drake and Nicki Minaj album sales.

During an interview with Angie Martinez last year summer, Birdman was adamant that Drake and Nicki Minaj would not be leaving his label. “Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere regardless,” he said.