Demarco Says Mavado Has No Talent and Depend On Vybz Kartel To Stay Relevant

Demarco is no fan of Mavado right now and he is sounding off about his beef with the Gullyside singer.

During a recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Demarco says that Vado is not talented and only relied of Vybz Kartel feud to build his career.

“His thing is hype its not talent,” Demarco said. But when pressed by Miller if he believe that people will agree with him that Mavado is not talented. “Him have him thing but if it wasn’t for Vybz Kartel it wouldn’t be Mavado up here.”

Last month, Demarco released a diss track “King Kong” which was a response to a line from a Mavado diss track aimed at Popcaan where the singer referred to the True Gift deejay as King Kong. He also released a second diss but Mavado has yet to respond. Marco is basically saying that Vado is afraid to engage in a lyrical war with him because he is not talented.

“Sometimes that’s if the artist is not good, if they don’t respond that means they are afraid,” Bunup Finger said. “We ago keep it real he is a bigger artist that I am. But if he answered me he is afraid that I will be on his level or go higher.”

Demarco also revealed that he produced some of Mavado’s biggest hits like “I Am On The Rock” and “Money Don’t Chance We.”

“I am very instrumental in this dude career so I am the man,” Demarco said.