Joe Budden Featuring Styles P – Freestyle Lyrics

(Intro – Styles P Talking)

Real MC s**t you know
Jedi’s on deck pay attention
F**k y’all ni**as talking bout?

(Verse 1 – Styles P)

Lyrical last dragon, acid saliva
Guns are the bars yeah the casket provide it
You can ask a survior, you can ask a supplier
He’s hot headed, he’ll leave you as masses on fire
I’m the ghost rider that’ll kill your ghost writer
Make him OD on heroin, he’s a dope writer
If you had it written don’t you tell me that you spitting
Imma say you bulls**tting and go s**k a d**k
And get a hand gun and stand there and take this ass whipping
Yeah, I’m 41 but you ain’t got to act dumb ni**a
I ain’t got a problem killing 41 young ni**as
14 years ago I had 41 guns ni**a
I was moving work at like 41 slums ni**a
Told my ni**a Budden we don’t always get along
But one things for sure, we can have a rap discussion
We know we got bars and these little ni**as don’t
Let’s lock em up, just slaughter em, make it look disgusting
Cut from a cloth that God made
Waring in the devils land when I want to war knocking I Pray
Could kill MC’s for like 5 days
I’m talking Monday through Friday
Go and pick up then dump em on the highway
Yeah, you should know that the ghost here
Space ghost, kill em all, then say the coast clear, yeah

(Verse 2 – Joe Budden)
A ni**a vision is so clear
Even through the mystici , keep the pope near
Was big out in L.E.S., this ain’t Joe clear
Gossip gets deaded as soon as it hits Joe’s ear
So the venom is caged, I’m underpaid
I can only give em minimum rage
I came up when all they respected is violence
If you know, it’s something to be said in my silence
Only time we vacate is when we left for the islands
Stash in the bathroom, police severed the tiling
Got football numbers when the squad was pinched
Well deserved, we put Eagles in the cars and went
Listen, the fame you can keep
Some ni**as became sheep
But before I ever snitch, I refrain from speech
All I hear is ni**as talking bout Game and Meek
I’m in the crib thinking this entire game is meek
This s**t has changed Ghost
They lowered the understanding
Prisoner of my mind claustrophobic in my mansion
But you and Kiss told me we gon make it
Say whatever you want about him he don’t fake it
You rarely see me out, I don’t be most places
In bars it’s still s**t that real G’s hold sacred, yeah
That’s probably why they adore me though
Lastly before we go, rest in peace Shawty Lo