Tommy Lee Sparta – Kla Kam (Mavado, Alkaline, Jahmiel, Demarco & Busy Signal Diss) Lyrics

Mi si bout ten a dem dawg
Cuff up everything caw wi nuh friend a dem dawg
Mi nuh buss bwoy head in a no privacy
Mi buss bwoy head meck everybody see

(Verse 1)
Baldhead VS the natty
Mi know seh the killy dem strappy
But you si the RPG weh you sing bout Pappy
If you couldn’t manage it go buss a shatty

The natty a talk bout batty man baby
Look like him born out a batty
Inna 08 when mi step pon the Gully
And murder two man and mi father seh fi stop hi

The 4×4 round the corner mi a knock hi
Left Alkaline s**K pu**y face sappy-sappy
Murder Busy, send him fi go live in a the third world
Wid Capone and Ratty
Jahmiel you a baby out the war
Man wi circle you endz and buss out you head inna you nappy
Worldboss done know seh the whole a dem a training wheel
And a killing meck mi happy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
See I don’t know when eagles dem boo wid life
Mathaf**ker dem going home tonight
Dem bwoy deh light like a paper
Mi wi send you right back to you maker
Rifle shake up Jamaica
Wi a one a the baddest f**king thing out a da earth yah
Demarco nuh stop from call himself hotty
Like him nuh know fatty love sit down pon c**key
Sleep in a grave like me a the Apache
When mi walk pon you endz and put down an attachy
Sparta cyaa tame me
Me a nuh somebody fi you play wid
Sling shot outdated
Suh the rifle mi swing slue David

Dem know seh mi evil
Walk up pon the Gully Side
Mi nuh need no vehicle
Fly down John-crow
Caw the bird dem vex when Fidel fly left the eagle
You a spar wid many man
One soldier mi send you think a hundred people
License gun cyaa save you
Every man get disarm and you think you got eagle