DJ Spinatik featuring Offset & Quavo & Big Bank Black – Life Line Lyrics

Woah, Migo
Bank, huh
Big Bank
Black, let’s get em

(Chorus – Quavo)
Ni**as try to play you till you pull up, skrt
We the same, you the same, throw your hood up, ay
Been having racks, yeah, put up, racks
I put my life on the line, woah
So I ain’t getting s**t on, naw
I put my life on the line, I put my life on the line, ay
I put my life on the line, I put my life on the line, ugh
I put my life on the line, I put my life on the line, ay
I put my life on the line, I put my life on the line, whoo

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Having big racks right up on me, racks
Told that bi**h cook that dope then she can own it, dope
I put my life on the line, ay
My ni**as gon die by gang signs, gang
Make em go get it in line, bang
Shoot a ni**a in the club like Shyne, rrrah
Throwing up sign, gang
Came from the dimes, dimes
New Rollie all diamonds, diamonds
Paid my shooter in diamonds rrrah
Yeah we having gold bars bars
Bank showed ya on Worldstar, yeah
Half a million in my car, ay
I like my cookie in jars, ay
You know my Benz push start, vroom
Take her phone cause she with the stars
Put the dab in the thesaurus
Having old money, dinosaurs, oh
But I really want the Thomas, Thomas
I put my life on the line
Me and famous make you put it in public, uh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Big Bank Black)
I’m the type of ni**a never talk about it
Finna pull up on your ni**a, chopper talk about it, rrrah
Strip, strip them pockets, get them bucks about ya, bucks
Lean rocking with the mob, give a f**k about ya
Got the keys to the street ni**a, yeah
Road runner, beep-beep ni**a, beep-beep
Ray-ray Charles don’t see ni**as, uh-uh
Catching like flea flickers, yeah
I’ma keep a pocket full of money for the f**k of it, big bank
East Atlanta Zone 6, I’m a drug lord, yeah
If you f**k my bi**h, bet you pay for it, bet you pay
If you play with my cat,
Put my life on the line, put my life on the line
Put my life on the line for the cash, big bank
Was a young rich ni**a, old rich ni**a, either way these bi**hes gon smash, smash
Yeah we in the digital dash, yeah
She give the p**y, I thrash, thrashed it
I bought the bi**h a new bag, I cashed it
Bought the bi**h a new bag, yeah
King of the jungle ni**a, big bank
20 summers no fumbles, big bank
We talking crazy, ni**a acting crazy till we pull up on ’em
Pull up, pull up, pull up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
I had to cock it back, c**k it back
I had to watch my back, where?
Feds been watching like Cinemax, feds
Ni**as been telling and cool with that, telling
Shh, where is my cool in that, shh
You not drinking Act, that’s pseudo fizz, nah
Remix a ni**a a fool with that, fool
Don’t talk bout the plug ni**a, who was that? who?
I walk right in the jeweler, jeweler
When I’m in the Lamb I lose ya, skrt
John Wick in the cut, bout to lose it, grrr
We’ve been busting a strap since juvie, baow
We cooking up raw, sushi, whip
Diamonds make you have illusions, oh
Actavis purple sewage, Act
I’m addicted, I abuse it, I used it
I used to be this, I used to be that, I used to be
In the Maybach thinkinb back, huh
We put the north on the map, north
Stomp a ni**a like a frat, uh
Say that you a real street ni**a, huh
But you rapping when you rat, rat
I got six cars in the back, skrt
Whipping I broke the glass like I’m Shaq, uh

(Repeat Chorus)