Jeezy – Let Em Know [New Music]

Jeezy released new single for his fans “Let Em Know,” off the Trap Or Die 3 album. Go stream below..

They like where you been Young? S**t was bad for a minute
All them clown ni**as winning, s**t was sad for a minute but
I’ma make these ni**as get on they s**t though
If nothing else I can write a hit though
I’ma need five bricks for the show though
Plus another 20k just for photos
I’ve done had about all I can take though
I’ma show you how to kill em when they hate though
Some take, gotta let a ni**a know dog
Some take, gotta f**k a ni**a old dog
You…gonna learn who to f**k with
Y’all gong mimic with the f**k s**t

Jeezy – Let Em Know Lyrics

Listen track below.