Kid Ink – Die In It Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I came in with my level up
Watch them bi**hes kept that 4 page level up
Feeling like MJ with the glitter glove
Pimp slap a ni**a wit a misses in the buff
Same city, I’m an LA citizen
With the bad bi**hes and that sticky-icky cinnabon
All I’m rolling, they follow Mozes
You got the wave, I split the ocean
Smell the roses, pop the rosé with my potion
Baby chill, take a pill here’s a dosage
She just want a picture for the poster
And I’m posing like I’m praying at the photo doesn’t focus
Yeah, yeah, Dita frames, kill the glass
Say you shine, I don’t see it
Keep trying, no design like me though
Know that I’m the coolest ni**a since Sub Zero
I just need a

Pool full of money, I’ma dive in it
I’m just trynna eat, no diet in it
Get her wet, then I dive in it
Pu*** so good, I would die in it

(Verse 2)
All black widow maker
And a trunk in the back like a Winnebago
Wake up in the morning and I lie in it
Turn around and I hit it like a lineman
Do the Heisman, all up in your high man
Sipping on Tequilla sun rise with the lime in
I’m getting high, but it’s lowering my eye lids
Still see you ni**as, I don’t know just what the hype is
Say you run the game, look more like a stroller, troller
What you gon do, what you doing
Me and my dogs through the door like some Doberman
Stay inside your lane like bowling, you bogus
I need my way, young Carlito
This feeling Al Pacino in Moschino
And the marina my Emmy…Iggy Marino
Look how we pass the reefer
I just need a

(Repeat Chorus)

Okay, yeah, it’s Kid Ink
Aw yeah, aw yeah
Aw yeah, aw yeah
Aw yeah, aw yeah
I see them looking through my side eye
They just sitting on the sideline
I stand up and throw my sign at them
Alumni I’ma die with them