French Montana Featuring Styles P, Jadakiss & Beanie Sigel – Have Mercy Lyrics

(Chorus – French Montana)
Woah, have mercy on me, uh
Woah, have mercy on me Father
Cause I’ve been robbing
I’ve been stealing
I’ve been messed up, haah
For that big gold chain
Slang cocaine
Don’t get gassed up, haah
There’s ni**as getting murdered
Murder, murder
Show you s**t you never heard of
Have mercy on me, Montana
Oh la-la-la, I got it on

(Verse 1 – French Montana)
You could bread or let the bread break you
You can make choices or let choice make you
Came from a hole in hell with hella hoes
Shawty knees weak like Derrick Rose
Baby I’m the one like
Our Father, I was baptized in dirty water
Lost my right hand, I’m on a different time
Put 5 holes in your face, Olympic sign
Serving straight white, Gwen Stefang
Talking, talking bout, bad breaks, straight grind
I’m in Highland, shawty gone, alien
Came from the corner now homie rocking stadiums
Couple dollars what the homie kill for
Money order what a killer wish for
Squad have mercy
Left the gun range, hopped in the Rover
Woke up, the ni**a seen her with a chip on my shoulder

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Jadakiss)
Yeah have mercy on me
Lord knows the devil’s been working on me
My man got the guns but the work is on me
I’m starting to feel like a curse is on me
Hooked up the tubes with the nurses on me
Poke some Peru with the purse in Long Beach
Lotta s**t that you ain’t gon see
As far as the money goes, you can bank on me
His lips is full, the Rolls-Royce tank on E
And alive is something that you ain’t gon be, yeah
You know what the cash ‘ll do what?
It’ll make your murder game international
Is it blasphemy if I blast for you?
This amazing what a gun and a mask’ll do
I’m becoming a beast
I’m the last of a breed that’s becoming deceased
Have mercy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Beanie Sigel)
This goes out to those choose to use disrespectful views
On the king of PHILLY, represent the 215
24/7, 365, 211’s, 187’s, who want die?
6 million way, which one you want try?
Rest in peace to B-I-double G-I
You want trouble? Put you to sleep like a double G hah
What’s beef? 20 akhi’s strapped like a jihad
See me, slipping in the streets, never be I
I creep, stay low, and never cease fire
I keep extra gats for extra cats
Yes it’s the Mac and I’m back to put the crip on rap
The most crazy
Sigel baby
Mac-10 and eagle crazy
Renegade like Slim Shady
That Mossberg 12 gauge bang like M80, cause damage
God damn it, you can’t stand it
Take heed from French Montana and don’t panic
I’m a boss in these streets like William and Rameek
That’s ball game
Flow tight like denim from Balmain

(Verse 4 – Styles P)
Have mercy on me, have mercy on them
Get em choked with they jeans, get em murked in they Benz
Give a f**k about these rappers, care less about they friends
I don’t think about they hoes, I don’t think about they ends
Let’s get a ghost rope, watch all them ni**as hang
100 shot Tommy gun, every bullet bangs
Back to being holiday, every day holy
You can talk about your Rollie, I can motherf**king yap it off
Why don’t you go and get and a gun and try to clap it off
Who said they was the king? Wear your crown so I can smack it off
Ni**this is Beanie Sigel, French, Kiss, and Ghost
F**k around and have you murdered, make you french kiss a ghost
Watch your approach or get stomped like a roach
I’m the ghetto president but ain’t never have a vote, never
Watch what you saying if you care about your throat
I get every bone broke lil locc
What ni**?

(Repeat Chorus)