Flexxx – Kill Off All A Dem (Demarco Diss) Lyrics

Caw dem never tek a Sunfest
Never tek a Sting
And a seh dem a the wickedest thing
A tell people a dem run the world
Bullet in a you face pu**y curl up and twerl

(Verse 1)
Nuh wish dem luck caw me is a mad rass
Mi rifle a it a fi mi boss
When mi drive pass in a the war tanker naw laugh
Thugs dem hail mi mad ross
Mad and angry, miserable like Rodney mi cross
Rifle tall like giraffe
Fool si mi move him stand up like him cyaa play draff
Head a float like tourist pon raff

Gully Gaad, kill off all a dem
Me alone wi kill off all a dem
Rifle rise right infront dem eyes
Me alone full up the funeral Paula dem

Mi a go kill off all a dem
Mi ready fi kill off all dem
Rifle rise right infront dem eyes
Me alone full up the funeral Paula dem

(Verse 2)
Pu**y seh dem bad and dem fraid fi confront mi
From the last time dem go si mi wid the Pumpy
Have gun weh brown like Kartel
And black like Bounty
Big like pit-bull head ugly like monkey
Mi nuh si the pu**y weh fi box or fi thump mi
Mi nuh si the pu**s weh fi drape or fu thump mi
Mi rise the crime rate daily to monthly
Kill dem bluntly and proudly

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi step wid mi split and westy
Aim fi facee and test hi
Kick out pu**y brain like me name Messy
When mi c**k the hammer and the chigger mi press hi
Mi send hi down a madden fi go test hi
Mi nuh si no war weh mi fail
And mi naw go a jail
If a pu**y violate body drop over rail
Mi nuh fish wid scale
Mi nuh he wid male
But mi know seh me and mi guns dem will prevail
And a copper, copper, copper
To you head shot a nail
And mi hands straight no mi naw fail
Mi meck gunshot fall like hail
If you skin color black hi turn pale
Mi a go

(Repeat Chorus)