Travis Scott – The Hooch Lyrics

Wrist, wrist, mix up the hooch
Mix up the hooch
No this not Goose, this the hooch
Yeah, off the hooch, umm, yeah
Feeling kinda loose off the hooch
Yeah, loose off the hooch
Mix, mix, wrist, mix, mix, wrist up the hooch
Mix up the hooch

(Verse 1)
Fly done changed
All in the mall, I ain’t got no brain
Doing s**t together we can’t do again, straight up!
Brooklyn with the combo, I’ll put in pain
Ooh, I’m back for another one
Ooh, I like the way you wind it, it’s lit!
Ooh, I hate when we’re distant, yeah!
Ooh, she want a Michael, she don’t do Jermaines
Prince with the hundreds, yeah, purple rain
Roll me up a Backwood, I can’t do no planes
When I take a sip, I swear I know myself
I can teach your ass the combo, don’t tell nobody else, straight up!)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Clark Gable
Ain’t no actin’, leave your feelings at the crap table
In the party, I got jiggas in my Winnebago
Only horses, don’t do Porsches cause they’re never stable
Off the hooch juice
Off the hooch juice
Pop two tens, that’s a twenty, we just started
Damn I’m sorry if I end up crashing in garages
Yeah, think you run your city but you’re barely jogging
Yeah, think I’m sh*ting on you but I barely farted
Yeah might just cop the ‘=parment, put it in apartment, yeah
Biggie Poppa way I hit my baby, baby, yeah, yeah
Lil Wayne on the bracelets for a Cartier, yeah
V. Live or V. Live I cannot choose
If I tell you the combo can I trust youg
Umm yeah

(Repeat Chorus)