Usher featuring Travis Scott – No Limit (Remix) Lyrics

(Chorus – Usher)
Make you say uh, no limit
Got that Master P, no limit baby
Give you that black card, no limit
Just know when you roll with a ni**a like me
There’s no limit baby
Make you say uh, no limit
I C-Murder that, no limit baby
Give you that ghetto D girl, no limit
Just know when you roll with a ni**a like me
There’s no limit baby

(Verse 1 – Usher)
You know you fine, baby you know that you fine
I’m just tryna make you mine
Tryna make you mine, yeah I’m tryna make you mine
Put a tingle in your spine
We got to vibe, we got a wave
You should ride on it
All the places I could take
You, girl is limitless
So if you never been
Girl I would just love to take you there
You don’t have to worry bout a thing
I got it, let me show you better than

(Pre Chorus – Usher)
Cause I may not know you, just let me hold you
You be my soldier, like you from the Nolia

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Usher)
Cars on decline, baby the cars on decline
You roll with me, you miss shine
Baby we shine, yeah lil mama we shine
Just pick a destination
Go head show me you can get like everything
Show me like any car, any house
Baby you can get like any ring, anything
You knock it, knock it down
All through the night, all through the day yeah
I knock that pu**y out
Baby you call me Sugar Ray yeah

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Travis Scott)
Silkk The Shocker with the bandana tied sideways, yeah
Master P, no gold teeth, I got the diamonds in it
I’ve been minding my business, you’ve been minding mine, straight up
If the love has no limit why your ass decline, straight up
All these cell phone minutes, all these written rhymes, yeah, yeah
Just one thing to make this finish, if you cross the line, yeah
East ni**as, off the sleep
Yeah, all day, that’s my baby, yeah
She private, party, to keep me started
Baby, party, these diamonds, cost forty
All this money gotta count for something, yeah
Keep that s**t with no limit, f**k 100, straight up

(Repeat Chorus)