Joe Budden Walk Out Interview Discussing Drake Beef

Joe Budden don’t want to talk too much about Drake or his beef with the rapper.

The Slaughterhouse emcee walked out an interview last night on Hot 97 radio where he was responding to questions about the Toronto rapper and their ongoing beef. Coincidentally, Drake is also having beef with Hot 97 right now.

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The good news for Drizzy is that Joe Budden says that he is done with the beef so there will be no more diss tracks.

“It’s been a non-issue for me,” Joe Budden said. “It’s been dead for me. At this point, it’s the fans and the media that’s keeping this going. I don’t have any more bars for him. Well, I do.”

As for why he chooses to start a feud with Drake and then stop, Budden says that the Young Money emcee kept leaving messages in his DM but in the end he didn’t set out to ruin ruin the 6 God.

“I didn’t say I would ruin Drake,” Joe added. “Drake is a superstar, a pop superstar. He has transcended hip-hop. There’s nothing that anybody in hip-hop can do singlehandedly to ruin him. Nobody’s oblivious to that.”

After discussing his feud with Drake, Budden was then asked about his “I’ll Name this Podcast Later” podcast and why his co-host Marisa Mendez was fired. Mendez also works for Hot 97. He was also asked about his past issues his Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg who was a part of the interview.

“I don’t care to have this conversation,” the NJ rapper said. “I just want to promote the album.”

Joe Budden then grew extremely infuriated and before walking out the interview. You could tell from the get go that Budden did not want to be in that interview but artists need album promotions and doing interviews are a part of the game.

Watch the full interview below.