Chris Brown ‘I Approve Malia Obama Smoking Weed’

Chris Brown is big on smoking weed so it’s no surprise that when he co-signed Malia Obama smoking a blunt.

The president’s daughter has been having a lit summer after being spotted at Lollapalooza twerking and hitting a blunt. Earlier this week a video surfaced on social media showing Malia taking a quick pull off something that could either be weed or a cigarette. Needless to say that the secret service was right there keeping an eye on here, but after all she is the daughter of the coolest president in history.

Chris Brown shared his thoughts saying that it’s just weed and that people should be a lot more concern about the drug that Donald Trump is on.

The folks on Twitter and Instagram also found who snitched on Malia Obama and trolled her. Social media is brutal. The 18-year-old was enjoying Bryson Tiller and Mac Miller set while dancing and smoking with her friends. Twitter has a mixed reaction to the video with most leaning towards cosigning it saying that’s what college kids do.