Demarco – Walking Dead Lyrics

Cuh paw you to bout yo evil
Buss out yo face fi no reason
When wild bwoy rise up the eagle
Mi meck yo duppy get up and walk out leave you

Dem a walking dead understand mi
9×19 full a bare zombie
Tek the whole 32 clip from mi
Rab put yo rassclaat face ambi

(Verse 1)
You shouldn’t f**k wid the gang and nae know
March to you lane wid the K slow
Who a boost dem mussi the ego
Rifle bines itch up in a canerow
Dem a batty bwoy mi si the rainbow
Wi nuh stage war a nuh stage show
Crab in a barrel but anever Shane O
Nough a dem bwoy deh a pu**y J-Low

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A couldn’t me dem talking to
Buss out you face then mi hauk and to
Empty the rest in a yo organs to
All, all ango dem haffi call pon to
A weh you mumma do fi meck it call pon you
Mi squaddy friend dem a fire carbon to
Last dem in a the cane piece cyaa find you
You mi nuh haffi chat the last line yah

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Demarco a bad bwoy, run a wi run di world