Dave East – Percocets Lyrics

Still on it, still on it, still on it
Prize what up
Gang ni**a, gang ni**a

(Verse 1)
50,000 cash, you ain’t never seen it
I’m gon make it happen if I ever dreamed it
My homies on go for whatever reason
I just f**ked her once, she told me ain’t never leaving
My Buchanan’s scrambling when it’s leather season
I just do this for the money, ain’t no better reason
All my ni**as riding if I ever need em
We ducking feds and tucking lead to give your head a season
I just signed a deal that changed my f**king life
She just seen me once, I prolly f**k tonight
Even though I say my prayers I grip that rubber tight
Slow emotion, purple potion, double cup of ice
We be on some go and get that bag
Catch a body, never brag
Floating c**ky in that Jag
Damn right I’m in my bag
These ni**as liked me on my last
Most likely cause they trash
You ain’t seen this amount of cash
I be in and out of Sacks 5th
Them samples used to make them smokers backflip
I ain’t got all the answers, so don’t ask s**t
This is for the times we had nothing but tried to act rich
Empty stomach savage just tryna pump a package
Across the border it be raw but don’t really f**k with the taxes
I come from a different bracket, break it down by the fraction
Halves, wholes, and quarters, bathrooms and water
Tom Ford on the frames, my youngin’s move how I taught em
Ni**a got low for years, they killed em soon as they caught him
Wanted these all my life but didn’t care soon as I bought em
Bi**hes, we smut em up, let my camera ni**a record em
Ain’t nothing worse than boredom
From South Central to Fordham

Pill popping
Ski mask in my trunk, they think I’m still robbing
Hustling is my 9 to 5
Got the work it’s time to ride
Blunt smoking
Got up off my ass, I did enough hoping
Gang signs and liquor, we be gun toting
I grew up around killers
If you can’t swim then you gon drown ni**a
You come up missing, they done found ni**as
We come from the ground ni**a
No green weed, sip brown liquor
They f**k with me because I sound realer
Pill popping

(Verse 2)
Feel it in the air like I’m Phil Collins
Ni**as thought I lost it but I still got it
I got homies still robbing, still plotting
Still hitting corners with the wheels rocking
When you getting money you got real options
Me and…slide into the tropics with some model broads
I ain’t have a dollar so I gotta ball
Faded and I’m feeling X rated, she good with the head like Tylenol
I’m nodding off
I don’t do the rap beef, they cotton soft
Going back and forth for what?
We got cameras in the truck
We got accounts to open up
My old head told me focus up
Get your money, stack it, move carefully
Cause ni**as hate it when you start getting paper like athletes
Break it down with my faculty
Breathe of fresh air, no guessing, that’s a factory
112th of Lennox, BB Rolls rolling Grabba leaf
Couple ni**as mad at me
I created a masterpiece
I was in the trenches on benches, them ni**as laughed at me
Now I’m in the back of them Benzes, purchase relaxing me
They told me I be dead or in prison ni**a but actually
I’m in the valley rolling up ballie while bi**hes ask for me
Family with the plug, don’t believe in a ni**a taxing me

(Repeat Chorus)

Pill popping, pill popping, pill popping
Pill popping, pill popping, pill popping
Pill popping, pill popping, pill popping
Pill popping, pill popping, pill popping
Bi**h I’m still pill popping