Popcaan Responds To Mavado ‘IG Gangsta’

Popcaan issue a response to Mavado’s diss on Instagram and his message was very clear.

“Wha do some ig gangsta??? #unruly #winningz #whaaa,” the Unruly deejay said.

Popcaan Fans Troll Mavado On Instagram For Dissing Deejay

Earlier this week Mavado issues a strong warning to Popcaan which came just days after the two artists traded blows in diss songs.

“Some little artist boy fi know dem bloodclatt self don’t make mi of to get dark because dem know how it will go pu**y when you talking about the don have respect like you talking about your mom ahah dem dead to me don’t make it start just know dat,” Mavado wrote in the captain of a photo of himself.

Fans of the two artists are also taking each of them to task. Seems this feud could blow up into another Gully/Gaza war.

Which side will Drake take?


  1. Maxwel cakesoap jackson

    Poppy u need to contact teacha to school you again from u lef gaza u hav been an idiot #freemydon

  2. Popcaan stop throwing your toys out of your pram & getting in a tantrum. Put back your soother or your dummy in your mouth or go and take a nap. humble yourself. Mavado why are you stooping so low? You know better.

  3. cut out di BC internet tracin. low dem foolinish deh